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Our Roots



Kevin Wicker




Media Developer. Storyteller.That's the best way to describe Kevin Wicker. A multi-faceted creative artist, Kevin specializes in a number of capacities -- in video production, sound design, and media development.


Formerly a respected independent record and video producer, Kevin owned and managed his own successful production studio on Nashville's famed Music Row for over 2 decades. He has worked with some of the most respected names in the music industry: such as Dolly Parton, Billy Ray Cyrus, the Imperials, the Grand Ol' Opry, Curb Records, Lone Wolf Productions, as well as a number of other successful producers, writers, artists, record and publishing companies -- serving in song and artist development.


Kevin is also an award winning commercial producer for TV and radio. His clients included Kraft, Milliken, Chevrolet, Ford, Comcast, and the US Army.


In 2013, Kevin retired from the music industry and relocated to Georgia's Golden Isles.  Currently he is working towards a Master's Degree in Communications and Media from Full Sail University. Kevin states. "The internet completely changed the music business. I felt I had gone the distance with my music career and was ready for a different challenge.


I wasn't ready to be content in producing music all my life. I want to stay up with the times. So I enrolled in college and haven't looked back."  Kevin says the most fulfilling part of the creative process has been "the awesome opportunity to play a part in other people's stories." He adds, "When you successfully interpret a story or song into a work of art, they walk away from the experience with something they are proud to show everybody. It says a lot about my work as a developer."


Kevin feels he made a wise decision in leaving the music industry. "According to media experts, we have gone past the age of information, and are at the dawn of the ‘storytelling’ age. This is the ideal time for me to broaden my horizons as a communications artist, by helping people tell their story…”


Sherry DiSimone

A message from the desk of Sherry DiSimone


In my decades of experience, I know the benefits of surrounding yourself with talent.   When you want to learn something, or want something done RIGHT, you go to the Pro's.   I have had the pleasure of wearing many hats during my career, from project development to event planning, grant writing to business startups, marketing to management.   I discovered my passion for economic development in my early 20's.  To this day I look back with great pride knowing that my efforts were well spent making a change and touching so many lives.   From 20 years ago, watching a newly married couple establish the business of their dreams, that is still a vibrant and thriving business today.   Or, writing grants to create an incentive and encourage their relocation to an economically challenged area, creating new jobs and building a stronger community.   As well as being an advocate for non-profits to share, teach and community their message. 


I have a passion to help others and to make a positive change that will impact multiple lives.   How can helping one person make a difference?  Well, if we help you becoming successful, we have enhanced and impacted your life in a positive way.  If we help you succeed you may hire additional staff, buy a new car or home, take a vacation, support your favorite charity or non-profit.... all forms of supporting and helping generate economic development, and impacting others in a positive way!


Kind of reminds me of my son's all-time favorite childhood book, "if you give a mouse a cookie."   One action generated another, then another, and another!    


Yes, I've been called tenacious, brave, ambitious, fearless... and I take great pride in that!  I've always been up for the challenge.  Let me help you with yours!


                                                                                                         Sherry DiSimone





Call me crazy..

but I love helping people succeed!

   Sherry DiSimone

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